(1) France 1970-1999
(2) France 2000-2009
(3) France 2010-2019
(4) Europe
(5) Outside Europe

(1) FRANCE 1970-1999
From Marmande to Bordeaux with a CC 72000 diesel locomotive (1977)
An excellent run with this motive power, taking into account lost time at La Réole (preparing the tunnel for electrification)
From Le Mans to Paris with a Z 3700 pre-war EMU (1979)
A series of short but very fast timings thanks to remarkable accelerations for the time (1938).
Bar-le-Duc > Epernay, 45min23 : average speed 148 km/h (1986)
... without exceeding 160 km/h, and not with a light rake either (12 coaches).
Angoulême > Paris in the days of the CC 6500 (1986)
7 mins regained despite losing time at Poitiers and an unscheduled stop at Châtellerault, plus taking it easy after Les Aubrais.
A Paris to Strasbourg journey, delayed by a failed freight train (1989)
Nothing quite like losing an hour, including 20 mins spent propelling a failed freight train, for itching to run fast afterwards... All timings after Bar-le-Duc are excellent.
Running fast between Toulouse and Pau (1992)
15 mins late at the start, on time 120 kms later, high credits to the BB 7200 loco. Most impressive : 145,6 km/h average speed between Muret and Boussens (45 kms).

Toulouse > Narbonne, average speed 144 km/h (1997)
Toulouse > Narbonne in 1h02 (schedule 1h11), despite leaving Toulouse at 30 km/h...
Neussargues > Aurillac in an X 2800 DMU (1998)
An X 2800 DMU in a 1 in 33 gradient, one only misses the accompanying sound...
Bordeaux > Dax in an IFC special train, with a CC 7100 electric loco (1999)
No high performance there, but a special train with traction now long since gone...

(2) FRANCE 2000-2009
On the LGV-Méd, average speed 276 km/h (2002)
Average speed exactly 275,7 from Lyon-St-Exupéry to Aix-TGV, this will only be bettered by 320 km/h on the LGV Est...
Chalons > Metz, 100 % countryside (2004)
This line is now partly closed, traction (X 4300) is now gone, and the final comment is amusing.
Paris-Est > Lorraine-TGV on the LGV Est (2007)
A special train for the pre-opening of the line at Pont-à-Mousson (15 march 2007).
TGV V=574,8 km/h (2007)
An approximate log for this speed record, using the television report. 478 km/h on average over 30 km, no chance of seeing that again for a while...
Paris > Chalons-en-Champagne (2007)
A troubled start, and then remarkable driving with a remarkable BB 15000 loco.
Strasbourg > Wissembourg in an AGC DMU (2007)
New high-level performance on short sections : both accelerations and braking are a considerable improvement over the X 4300 of 2004...

Roanne > Vichy in an AGC DMU (04-01-2009)
... or the first step of a Roanne > Paris journey, because connections no longer take place in St-Germain-des-Fossés.
200 km/h running between Vichy and Paris (04-2009)
... indeed : since 14-12-2008 trains run at 200 km/h on the Bourbonnais line, over 3 sections between St-Germain-des-Fossés and Saincaize.
What a BB 15000 loco can do between Paris and Maubeuge (12-07-2009)
This of course required high class driving, and this was the case on the day, especially when braking...

(3) FRANCE 2010-2019
In an X 2403 oldtimer DMU on the LGV-Rhin-Rhône (21-06-2011)
A special trip in RFF days, no speed record of course but a really pleasant atmosphere...
In an X 2403 oldtimer DMU in the Jura mountains (22-06-2011)
The continuation of the same trip, from Besançon to Bourg-en-Bresse via Morez... and a good restaurant at Oyonnax.
320 km/h on the LGV-Rhin-Rhône (30-08-2011)
A test run for RFF, not at 352 km/h [320+10%] but interesting still for judging accelerations.
[NEW 03/2020] Clermont > Lyon direct (29-01-2012)
A test run for the Auvergne Regional Council. The goal was 2 hrs sharp, which failed because of a unwanted signal stop at the St-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or junction...
[NEW 03/2020] How recovery time was spent between Roanne and Vierzon > Paris (09-09-2012)
A detailed analysis of defensive driving "the french way", something unheard of further east...
[NEW 03/2020] Paris > Orléans with the A1A-A1A 68540 oldtimer loco of the AAATV aasociation (14-12-2017)
No great performance with 6 coaches and only 100 km/h, but a pleasant atmosphere...

12 British Rail runs (1981)
Note excess speed driving in run #11, something common at the time...
Karlsruhe > Berlin in an ICE 1 (1996)
High speed (mostly 250 km/h, very little 280), but typical of the german geography : many stops, unimpressive average speeds.
Hamburg > Kassel in an ICE 1 (1996)
Again 250-280 km/h, but also 200 km/h in the plains of northern Germany.
Tilt with a VT610 DMU in the Nürnberg region (1996)
The first generation of DB's tilting DMUs.
[NEW 03/2020] London < > York (21-08-2000)
Standard rolling stock one way (Class 91 loco), but a "White Rose" Eurostar on the way back.

Barcelona > Madrid in an ICE 3 (29-04-2008)
2hrs28 for a scheduled time of 2hrs38, 9 mins early on arrival, RENFE's good habits don't change.
Neuchâtel > Zürich in a tilting ICN (08-10-2008)
Part of the trip ran on the Mattstetten - Rothrist high speed line.
2014-09-04 Milano > Bologna in an NTV Italo AGV (300 km/h)
Average speed 244 km/h between Milano-Rogoredo and Bologna.
2014-09-05 Bologna > Venezia in an ETR 610 (Trenitalia)
About 56 kms run at 180 km/h between Bologna and Padova, and then about 10 kms at 220 km/h between Padova and Venezia.
[NEW 03/2020] For Innotrans 2016, Basle < > Berlin in a 200 km/h night train
A 200 km/h night train with a 178 km/h timing along the way is not really a frequent event...

[NEW 03/2020] Countryside Spain (1) : from Madrid to Mérida, on the Lisbon line (06-06-2018)
... with a few glimpses of the high speed line currently under construction, towards the end of the journey.
[NEW 03/2020] Countryside Spain (2) : from Mérida to Puertollano (06-06-2018)
You just can't make it more rural than that, 300 km southwest of Madrid...
[NEW 03/2020] Countryside Spain (3) : from Valencia to Zaragoza (09-06-2018)
Also very "countryside", with magnificent landscapes, a frequent feature of Spain.

A weekend at Mount Bromo (Indonesia) (08-1988)
No logs, but a great rail trip, very exotic and tourism-oriented (text is in french only).
Rail tourism in Madagascar (1998)
If you are a high speed lover, this trip is not for you, but if you like tourism in an exotic place...
Gas turbine sets in Egypt : Cairo < > Alexandria logs, from 2001 to 2011
The best of rail travel in Egypt, even if these trains do not exceed 140 km/h...
[NEW 03/2020] Japan 2013 : stable train driving
Automatic driving in unnecessary in Japan, train drivers there keep within +/- 15s of scheduled times for hundreds of kms : just amazing...
Marocco : acceleration of a 4,800 tons phosphate train (15-09-2013)
Not really an impressive acceleration, but figures are interesting / instructive !
[NEW 03/2020] Canada : freight always has priority ! (03-07-2019)
4hrs45mins spent waiting during the first 6hrs35mins of the journey : in Canada, freight is definitely more important than a tourist passenger train...