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(1) Description :

100 years of évolution in rail journey times in France, 1914-2014

11215 journey times, with distances and average speeds, spread over 9 years :
1914 1933 1950 1963 1978 1988 1998 2003 2014. A wealth of analysis or commentary text,
as shown in the table of contents (available for download below). 312 pages, book cover
and intermediate subtitle pages included (about 300 actually significant pages),
among which 80 are spreadsheet data in A3 format (i.e. double A4 pages, so that
all 9 years for any given section of line can be viewed at the same time).

The extracts below will give you an accurate overview of this book's contents :
Book cover & introductory text (p 001 002 311 312)
Title page
Table of contents
Structure of spreasdsheet data (with a few complete lines at the beginning of each section A / B / C / D)

(2) How to order :

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In any case, initial e-mail contact is recommended, for the following reasons :

- in the case of a mail order, it enables me to confirm that the order has been received
and is being processed,

- it creates a link for the possible sending of corrective (free of charge) updates,

- if needed, it enables me to provide you with information about this book, its sales process,
and perhaps the next edition (beyond 2020... possibly in PDF format and for spreadsheet data
only, incorporating a 10th year which could be 2020).